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  • How does ACE Agents perform compared to human agents?
    Compared to human agents, ACE Agents can save you 70% or more on agent labor cost. Moreover, ACE Agents outperforms human agents in most metrics*, as can be seen in comparison chart below, * Data comes from a paid pilot we performed in the Medicare telemarketing industry.
  • What is ACE Agents' dialing criteria?
    ACE Agents does not dial any phone number that fails the following real-time screening criteria: Not on the federal or state Do Not Call registry Not a disconnected line Not a known litigator
  • Is ACE Agents considered robocalling?
    No, ACE Agents is not a pre-recorded message. It is an artificial voice, which is why all of our clients must provide their leads with an accompanying TCPA disclosure, that would include reference to artificial voices.
  • Can ACE Agents manage consumer rebuttals?
    A big part of telemarketing success is rebuttals - countering the consumer's objections with reasoned arguments that will overcome their reluctance. Like any call center rep, ACE Agents does rebut some objections, but we make sure to keep it non-aggressive, and we take "no" as an answer after that first rebuttal. ACE Agents never rebuts "Do Not Call" requests.
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