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AcademixDirect was founded in 2006 and historically focused on lead generation in the education industry.

AcademixDirect gave birth to ACE, a data distribution platform first used as a lead aggregation system. ACE takes data from vendors, qualifies, matches and delivers leads to buyers based on various demand criteria.

Since the conception of AcademixDirect the education industry has drastically changed. Many partners struggled to manage the bloated inventory of leads with limited resources and a fickle workforce. ACE Agents originated from the idea that there had to be an easier and more effective way to work.

A lean team at AcademixDirect set out to create a Conversational Artificial Intelligence that could automate a very specific segment of the representative and consumers' interaction, achieve speed to lead, and scale on demand. After rigorous development and testing, ACE Agents went live in 2021.

We've gone all in and even changed our company name to ACE Agents Inc in 2022!

ACE Agents provides partners with a cost-effective solution that moves a large volume of leads through a sales funnel without overburdening limited teams and established systems. 

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