Outbound Campaigns

Whether you have a call center team or not, we'll dial, qualify, and convert your leads.

Customer Service

Engagement Touchpoints

Post your leads to ACE Agents and let our virtual scalable team dial, connect, qualify and transfer your prospects back to your team for the final human touches. 

Writing on yellow post-it notes

Optimized Decisions

We will post back to your system the final disposition of each lead we process, so your team knows what to do next. 

Built-In Dialer

ACE Agents dials your leads automatically according to a dialing plan, while respecting federal and state dialing windows and your own hours of operation.

Don’t have your own outbound call center? No problem!  ACE Agents does your outbound dialing for you.

Real-time Lead Disposition

ACE Agents will update your system on the final disposition (transferred, could not contact, do not contact, etc.) of each lead as soon as we know it. 

You can immediately know what happened on our side and what the next steps should be.

Warm Transfer with Handoff

ACE Agents can dial your agent when it is time to do the transfer, then merge the calls and hand off the consumer to the agent before disconnecting.

You can provide context to both the agent and the consumer, as well as a warm introduction.

Scheduled Callbacks

ACE Agents can schedule a return call with the consumer at a more convenient date and time (“Can you call me tomorrow at this time?”)

ACE Agents will call your prospects when they want to be called.

Voicemail Message

ACE Agents knows when it has been answered by a voicemail greeting, and can leave the consumer a corresponding voicemail message.

Letting the consumer know who is calling them helps with connection rates.

Scalable Team

ACE Agents dials every lead immediately upon receipt - no matter how frequently you send them. We honor "Speed to Lead!"

Your dialer has to throttle its dialing based on whether you have (or will have) an agent to take the connected call.  And leads age poorly.

"Off Ramps"

ACE Agents can identify consumer responses ("stop calling me") that should end the conversation, and do a quick wrap-up before disconnecting. 

Your prospects are treated with respect at every point in the conversation.

Cold Transfer with Caller ID

ACE Agents can cold transfer into your call center, sending the consumer phone number as the Caller ID.

If your CRM allows for screen pops based on matching Caller ID to a customer record, this is a must!

Text Message

ACE Agents knows when it is dialing a mobile number, and can optionally text the consumer a corresponding text message to start an asynchronous conversation.

Not everyone exists in the synchronous world of phone calls. ACE Agents has you covered!

Cross-Channel Conversations

ACE Agents can move seamlessly between voice and text channels with a consumer.

Your consumer is the final word on how you can get their time and attention.  ACE Agents respects their wishes.